The purpose of this program is to provide basic education in the area of Pastoral and Lay Counseling and equip students with the necessary tools to understand human behavior and development so that one can apply  Biblical principles of counseling to situations presented in the local church.

Target audience: pastors, leaders, and students of all Christian theology committed to service

Course Objectives

1. Increase and strengthen public confidence in the sufficiency of God, and the superiority and practicality of Scripture in dealing with all aspects of life.

2. Teaching students to think Biblically regarding all aspects of counseling.

3. Help students to understand the various problems people have through the use of Scripture.

4. Demonstrate how our counseling methods must be consistent with our theological convictions.

5. Encouraging Christians to get involved in the counseling ministry and empower them to become more proficient in this work.

Ministry Skills to be Developed

Through this course, we anticipate that the student will be responsible for:

  • Helping people in need in the local church
  • Orienting themselves to the qualities needed to be a good counselor
  • Determining which educational resources offered by AHCC to attend
  • Understand the likely causes of the behavior of each person to be counseled
  • Identify areas of conflict in people
  • Becoming proficient in the basics of counseling

Course Administration

The student will have a semester exam at the end of lesson 15 and a final exam at the end of Lesson 30.  After satisfactorily completing all requirements the student will be awarded a Certificate of Biblical Counselor.


101. Introduction to Biblical Counseling

Class focuses on the basic principles of Biblical counseling.

102.  Counseling Techniques

This class will teach students the techniques and the steps necessary to become an effective Biblical counselor.

103. The Interview

Students are taught the art of the counselee interview and how to make a comprehensive family history.

104. Premarital Counseling

Direction and guidance are provided in the areas emotional, financial and spiritual well being to prepare the couple for marriage.  The couple will be taught to develop an open and honest future union.

105. Premarital Sex Counseling

How to counsel young people who are having or want to have sex before marriage.

106. Abortion Counseling

How to advise a woman who has had an abortion or women seeking abortions.

107. Biblical Perspective on Divorce.

What does the Bible say about divorce?

108. Divorce?

This course will teach the student how to counsel couples who are married but considering divorce, separated or who have filed for divorce.

109. Blended Families

How to counsel couples or families where husband and wife have been married for a second, third or more times and the challenges of step-children and step-parents.

110. Alcoholism

What is alcoholism? Is it a disease? What does the Bible say about alcoholism? Causes and treatment.

111. Alcoholic Families

How to counsel families of alcoholic members.

112. The Alcoholic

How to recognize the symptoms of alcoholism.   Learn how to provide help to the addict and his family.

113. Drug Addiction

Classification of common drugs.  Characteristics of addictions.  Personality of the addict.

114. Bulimia and Anorexia

What are eating disorders? How to recognize and counsel.

115. Codependency

Codependency is an emotional illness occurring in the adult addict’s family.

116. What is Domestic Violence?

Types of domestic violence …violence against women in the family and what the Bible says of family violence?

117. Women Addicted to Destructive Relationships.

How to recognize the signs of a destructive relationship.  The personality of the abuser and the victim. What does the Bible say about destructive relationships?

118. Family Violence Counseling

How to counsel families where family violence is their normal.

119. Pornography  Addiction

Family members are being destroyed by pornography … its effects on children and adolescents are terrible.  Marriages are being destroyed because of this.

120. Counseling Pornography

It is extremely important that the Church of Jesus Christ is ready to minister to brothers and sisters who have been captivated by the influence of the world of pornography. How to advise the porn addict and his/her family?

121. Husbands Addicted to Pornography

What should a wife do with the fact that her husband is addicted to pornography? How to react? What to say?

122. Effects of Pornography on Children

The dangers of pornography on children. What is sexting? What is grooming? What should parents do? Safety tips on the internet and on mobile phones.

123. Sexual Abuse of Children

Sexual abuse wreaks havoc on the personality and soul of a child for life. How to help child victims of sexual abuse?

124. Homosexuality

What is homosexuality? What are its causes? What does the Bible say about it?

125. Homosexuality Counseling

How to counsel the homosexual and his family.

126. Grief Care Counseling

What is grief?  What are the steps? What to say? What to do? Ministering Biblically to a person in grief, recognized or unrecognized.

127. Emotional Wounds

How to counsel people hurt by rejection, sexual abuse and physical abuse.

128. Inner Healing

An introduction to key elements within the framework of inner healing. There are many experiences in the lives of people that cause pain, resentment, and bitterness in their hearts. If not healed, these issues can be life destructive.

129. Breaking Family Curses

What are family curses?  How to discover and minister to people who have them.

130. How to Counsel Regarding Deliverance

What is the Biblical basis of deliverance?   What are the doors that we open for demons to walk through?



Course Objectives

This is a course that aims to train students in the task of helping people with spiritual oppression.

This course will provide the student knowledge on how demons operate and teach the skills necessary to treat people with problems in this area. It will teach a Pastor how to establish and prepare a deliverance ministry.

Course Administration

The student will have a semester exam at the end of lesson 7 and a final exam at the end of Lesson 15.  After satisfactorily completing all requirements, the student will be awarded a Certificate of Spiritual Warfare Counseling


201. Biblical Basis on Deliverance

There are many people who do not believe that a Christian can be oppressed by demons. What does the Bible say about this? We will present clinical cases in the Bible of people who were oppressed by demons.

202. What is Spiritual Warfare?

The goal of spiritual warfare is to know who our enemy is and how to combat them?  What are your weapons? What are their strategies? What is your defensive plan of attack? Why our family? Why our church? Why our country?

203. Doors Where Demons Enter

Satan cannot enter our lives without having a legal right, or permission from us, and will not enter if our rights remain with us. To remove legal rights we need to destroy the hold the enemy has on the person. We will study the different doors through which the enemy can enter our lives.

204. Demon Structure and Organization

Ephesians 6:12 tells us, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." We will study each of these groups .

205. Occultism

One of the doors demons use is the occult world.  We will study the different kinds of occults, how they affect the believer and provide students a glossary of occultism.

206. New Age

We will study the deception of the New Age, which is comprised of various Eastern philosophies based upon lies and heresies and are against the Word of God.

207. The Kingdom of Babylon: Jezebel and Ahab

Ancient Babylon worshiped sexual promiscuity, drugs, occultism and violence.  We will study how the evil spirits of Babylonia are operating today in our world.

208. Spirit of Absalom

This spirit is dividing churches and influencing leaders.   We will see how to recognize them, what their expressions and strategies are, and how to cast them out of the church?

209. Spiritual Armor

Ephesians 6:12 tells us clearly that the conflict with Satan is spiritual, and therefore no physical weapons can be used effectively against him and his demons.

210. Interview and Patient History

When a person wants to be demon released it is necessary to do a medical history interview including several key data points taught here.

211. Inner Healing (wounds of the soul)

Another door where evil spirits come through are wounds of the soul.  This class will discuss the top three: rejection, physical and sexual abuse.

212. Practical Instructions for the Deliverance Team

Preparing the Deliverance Team
213. The Deliverance Session
We study the need for fasting and the use of deliverance prayers.  We will discuss demonic manifestations, clusters of demons and devils, and how they come after you.

214. Deliverance for Children

Techniques for ministering deliverance to children.

215. How to Keep Your Deliverance

Instructions to give the patient on how to keep their release.

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