Dr. Tere Alducin Corey

Dr. Alducin Corey has worked in Christian ministry for over 28 years. She holds a PhD in Psychology and Family Therapy with a Masters in Theology.  Dr. Tere was ordained in the United States as a Pastor in 2010 by the Evangelical Church Alliance.  She is a  certified member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and is the author of several books on Christian Counseling.

Tere has held the positions of Director of The Deliverance Clinic, Director of The School of Theology and Director of Counseling Services for Vida Nueva Para el Mundo in Mexico City.

Today she devotes herself full-time to two non-profit organizations, the Hispanic Association of Christian Counselors (AHCC) and Jesus in the Family Ministries (JITF).


Cove Corey

Cove has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing. He is a California licensed Mortgage Broker. He previously owned Homestead Real Estate Financing, Inc. a mortgage brokerage company and continues to work full-time in the mortgage industry. He has obtained a Certificate of Ministry, with an Emphasis in Teaching, from the School of Ministry at Cornerstone Fellowship in Livermore, California. He has also completed Cornerstone’s Lay Counseling program. People enjoy his easy, comfortable style of teaching. He continues to have a tremendous thirst for God’s Word. He has a God given gift for human relations, counseling and teaching.

Cove and Tere currently reside in Northern California. They are actively involved in their home church, Cornerstone Fellowship, where they are on the Marriage Ministry Leadership Team, and they counsel together through the church’s New Hope Ministry.  The dessert of their lives are their four children and six grandchildren.

Dr. Armando Alducin (member of the Board of Directors of the AHCC)

Dr. Armando Alducin, D.Th., is founder and Chairman of Vida Nueva Para el Mundo ( in Mexico City.  He has planted fifteen churches throughout Mexico, with others in Colombia, Costa Rica, Italy, Israel and in the U.S. He has over thirty years preaching the gospel. His conferences are currently being broadcast through Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) in sixty countries throughout Central and South America, Europe and Asia with an estimated weekly audience of fifty-eight million people.  He currently resides in Texas, with his wife Martha, and their children.